Bu test ulusal ve uluslararası standartların çok geniş bir yelpazesi ile uyumludur. Çok farklı malzemelerin karşılaştırmalı FR özelliklerini ölçmek için bir laboratuar araştırma aracı olarak kullanılır.

This well-established test complies with a very wide range of national and international standards. It is widely used as a laboratory research tool to measure the comparative FR properties of different materials.

Test Özellikleri & Test Specifications

• NFPA 701 (1996, 1999, 2004 and later editions) Test Method 1

• Manufactured with specified ½" marinite panels framed in stainless steel

• Specimen holder & stopwatch included

• Burner system, complete with automatic controls, which will:

a: Release a gas flow for 20 seconds

b: Activate a spark igniter and ignite the gas at the 20-second mark

c: Shut the system down completely after the 45-second flame application

• One clamp-type Specimen Holder is included. This holder grips the material at the top and allows it to hang freely, in proper alignment with the face of the burner